Base Package

  • Mozilla Firefox - free web browser
  • OpenOffice - office productivity suite
  • SSH Secure Shell - terminal and file transfer for communicating with server
  • X-Deep/32 - X server to use with SSH, be sure to use multi-window mode
  • AOL Instant Messenger - popular instant messaging client
  • AIM Ad Hack - removes the annoying advertisements from AIM
  • WinAmp - clean, stylish mp3 player
  • VideoLAN - DVD player, be sure to use the skin
  • Sharecrow - another DVD player
  • PDF Speedup - speedup adobe reader
  • MikTex - latex typesetting engine that generates pdf documents
  • TeXnicCenter - graphical front-end for MikTex
  • LeechGet - download manager that opens multiple connections
  • ExtractNow - small utility that decompresses many types of archives
  • ZoneAlarm - software firewall that lets you block your programs from the internet
  • Flash Player - allows web browsers to display dynamic content



  • Octave - Matlab replacement, missing some amenities, but functional
  • Mupad - a good CAS, but can't compete with Mathematica
  • Audacity - simple sound editor, get the LAME encoder with this
  • dBpower Amp Music Converter - versatile music conversion utility
  • JAlbum - resizes images and creates a thumbnail gallery
  • AnalogX Virtual Piano - allows you to use your PC keyboard as a piano
  • MIDI Yoke - creates virtual MIDI ports so Virtual Piano looks like a MIDI piano
  • Gimpshop - advanced image editor
  • Paint.NET - layered image editor