• Obtain an expression for the amplitude of oscillation of the quantum field oscillators as a function of radius from a single stationary electron, assuming there is nothing else in the universe.
  • Prove the uniqueness of the QED Lagrangian.
  • Explain how representation theory creates a physical difference between singlet and triplet atomic states.
  • Explain the non electromagnetic-like terms in the linearized gravitational force law.
  • Explain why the Yukawa-Wick argument uses E=mc^2 instead of the relativistic form.
  • Understand Ohanian's "What is Spin?" paper.
  • Explain why even spin mediators are always attractive.
  • Derive the gauge transformation rule for fields from the concept of gauge transformations in EM.
  • Prove the theorem about the metric and fully anti-symmetric tensor being the only relativistic invariant tensors.

Other Quips

  • Spin tells you the number of indices
  • Anything that can happen does happen (list some examples)
  • There is no tree level flavor-changing neutral current (experimental fact, but is there a theoretical reason?)