Title Wikilogica
Status Completed
Start Date 2-12-2008
Contributors Chris Clark
Version 1.0


Wikilogica is a MediaWiki plugin that allows links to be inserted into equation images using only wiki syntax. In other words, the plugin generates an HTML image-map along with a typeset equation image. And the links for the image-map are specified within the Latex code for the equation. For example, the wiki code below will make the beta symbol link to the page with its definition.

<latex>\[ \gamma \equiv \frac{1}{\sqrt{1-
  \link{Relativistic_Beta_Factor}{\beta}^2}} \]</latex>

The output on the display page would contain the image below. Notice that the beta symbol is a hyperlink.Relativistic_Beta_Factor
This system is useful for pedagogical proofs and derivations because the implication arrows and equal signs of a derivation can be linked to the theorem used to perform each step. Also, symbols can be linked to their definitions. In addition to the pedagogical benefits, the links would make it easy to generate "dependency trees" for theorems.